Conspiracy No More

Beginning a piece with a quote is sometimes an appeal to an authority lacking in the temerity of the author’s viewpoint, however these quotes too adroitly characterize the times we live in to worry about saving face. Most especially, when you take into consideration one of the infamous sources: “Make the Continue Reading →

Rant & Reason: Sport Hunting

When so many species are hanging by a thread, hunting must be regarded as a zero sum game. An atavistic impulse as lethal to the species as any virus ever encountered. A virus in desperate need of a cure. Continue Reading →

Quickie: Jason Silva’s NYC Mindjam

After following Jason Silva’s YouTube channel for some time, I was pleased to see a sit down session with author Douglas Rushkoff in an open forum situation. In the post video glow I thought I would delve into the comments to see who was saying what. And was, I confess, Continue Reading →

Russell Brand: Speaking the Trews and taking the heat!

We knew it would happen. Eventually, out of the tumult of voices who have been crying out for change, a uniquely salient voice would emerge! It would take someone who shatters preconceptions while articulating the churning undercurrents of discontent in order to gain the focal attention of the masses. Already at a Continue Reading →

Empathy ~ The Mother of All Morality

It is the mother of human truth. A sensate morality enervated by compassionate self awareness. A useful and connective tissue which binds all living things. It gives birth to our humanity then nurtures and protects it. We survived the great evolutionary gauntlet on the basis of one fact: We experienced the needs of others as our own. Continue Reading →