New Low: Reselling Child Labor

I found this on a photo journalism website called

I found this on a photo journalism website called

Now that’s Capitalism!

This image was for resale on a photo journalism website called Seeing this image brought home to me that Capitalism is a standardized tool of unprincipled exploitation. It is the original pyramid scheme in which the Monopoly players legislate a system of commerce which funnels wealth to the top of the market through the privatization of public resources. Once you convince the average citizen that you have secured exclusivity from a higher power on threat of police or military violence and oppression, people fall into line. Privatizing access rights to the watering hole for instance, allows you to profit from those who are thirsty. Drink that water in front of them, put the lucky and attractive on billboards with frosty glasses of delicious water and soon people will queue up to turn out their pockets. Even if they know the water is both overpriced and likely to induce dysentery. Capitalism encourages the management not of resources but of deprivation. It is a stick and carrot economy.

How much do you think the children in the photo made from the original sale and subsequent resale of this and other pictures? As a viral ideology who’s stated purpose is the commoditization and valuation of anything for which a market can be established, Capitalism fosters inequity and oppression. Humans and animals become units of production beyond any other distinction. Ostensibly this culminates in the pursuit and justification of aftermarket profit on child labor.
When the current system is shrugged off by the masses(which will happen within the next 10 years) through a counter-system of disengagement, circumvention and finally redistribution the privatization of resources will be illegal. Human labor will be included as a common resource.
More importantly, incipient ideas sucked into the crater left by capitalist gluttony will be repercolated through a new stratum of common values. Tacit acquiescence and thereby complicity in the subjugation of the rights of others will be filtered out. Questions like: Who benefits? Will always be required to meet the sum of the total people involved. More nebulous questions like: Does this organization serve society? ~ will be answered on an ongoing basis. With every system, organization or market we construct, the method of deconstruction will be considered at the inception. Cleaning up the mess will be a prime consideration rather than an afterthought.
Ultimately however, when the pyramid model of capitalism finally overturns and the full and crushing weight of the many is felt by the plutocratic few, we can be certain that the only labor a child will be asked to do is to finish their ample dinner before going outside to play with their friends.

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