Russell Brand: Speaking the Trews and taking the heat!

Russell-Brand-Jihadi-John-Mohammed-Emwazi-428750We knew it would happen. Eventually, out of the tumult of voices who have been crying out for change, a uniquely salient voice would emerge! It would take someone who shatters preconceptions while articulating the churning undercurrents of discontent in order to gain the focal attention of the masses. Already at a whopping 1 Million YouTube subscribers, Russell Brand’s venue for discourse dubbed the Trews (True News), has finally become the loudest name in the eardrums of the plutocracy. A man who understands that when you see the smiling face of a CEO on the cover of Forbes or Business Week you are probably looking at a human hyena. Or the fact that the smarmy likes of David Cameron, Donald Trump, Rupert Murdock et al whose gross entitlement and infected political and social attitudes are beyond the pale.

Still, unless you are prepared to burn a nest of misanthropic hornets to the ground, you must expect that poking it repeatedly, however justified, will likely alert them to your presence. And it appears that this is exactly what has happened. In fact, Russell nailed the trifecta of insults to the power base of the country. He has gained a wide audience without the consent or control of those in power. He regularly alerts the public to the shell game of misdirection that is the standard tool of the corporate media. And has reminded people they don’t have to play into the hands of the wealthy elite if they don’t want to. When you take into account the nature of the psychotics who run corporations, you begin to realize they are the same people who march children into war, refugee camps, or the cattle pens they call the checkout queues at Walmart. So it’s small wonder that Brand hasn’t been more roundly and openly attacked before now. 

Having said that, the opening salvo has now been fired and unsurprisingly their favourite weapon of mass control has been employed. Which is to say, the corporate Media has belched forth its collective bile!

This past week Russell was hammered by baseless allegations both couched and outright that he blames Britain for creating Jihadi John. While this is clearly the most unimaginitive smear campaign since the baby oil excerpt from 50 Shades of Grey ~ let’s see what ‘they’ are saying:

The Daily Mail headline today read: “Jihadism is all corrupt Britain’s fault, says Brand: Comedian rants on YouTube that society is forcing young to turn to ISIS

The Mirror had this to say: “Mohammed Emwazi: Russell Brand blames Britain for Jihadi John and claims “corrupt” society is pushing youngsters to ISIS

Seeing a pattern?

The Daily Star said, “Russell Brand claims Britain is to blame for the radicalisation of Jihadi John

The similarities in the headlines give the distinct impression that someone powerful dictated it to them!
But why would they go after a comedian/writer with this kind of obvious frontal assault?
Firstly, because those who have stolen democracy have so little regard for the average citizen that they feel almost no compunction to attempt to hide their agendas anymore. Secondly, it has not occurred to them yet that by vilifying Brand they are also sending millions of new viewers to his YouTube Channel. Finally they do not consider it a serious risk that many if not most of the millions of disenfranchised viewers are more likely to identify with Russell’s well-considered and diligently sourced rants than not.
o-RUSSELL-BRAND-facebookLet’s hope Russell understands that the closer he comes to the bull’s eye, the closer he comes to the horn. It is this writer’s opinion that the recent attacks from those in the velvetine seats of power have only begun their campaign against this out-spoken, well-spoken and truth-speaking activist.

You can find Russell Brand’s YouTube Channel here.
Don’t let his rock star appearance and comedic penchant for irreverence blind you to the truth of his assertions. Whatever you may think of his take on the causes of social, political and economic maladies, his sincerity is palpable and his passion is contagious. People seem to buck at the notion of taking political and social commentary from a comedian but it might be worth remembering that a Comedian is a person who cares enough about your happiness to make it their mission in life.
When you are done laughing, you might want to listen to this one. Viva la Revolucion!

Please check out my articles for The where I also discuss the nature and impact of celebrity activism. And if you haven’t already done so, I assure you that reading a single chapter of Russell’s latest book Revolution will shatter any notions you may have had that this man is not a serious thinker. It might also be worth noting that they placed his book under the Political Humor category, which while it contains political and humorous elements, is at it’s core, a very serious call to action. 

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Notes & References:
1. A recent study has found that a disproportionate number of people exhibiting pronounced psychopathology are in charge of the worlds companies. Link 1
2. To see for yourself what he actually said, check out this video: Link 1
A recent study has found that a disproportionate number of people exhibiting pronounced psychopathology are in charge of the worlds companies. Link 1
To see for yourself what he actually said, check out this video: Link 1